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Published July 22, 2021

Shocked. Disgusted. Horrified.

Blizzard/Activision has been one of, if not my favourite gaming company for as long as I can remember. I spent most of my youth playing the Diablo series of games. I grew up exploring the lower levels of the Tristram Cathedral with friends and family over LAN. I spent hour upon hour killing daemons and hearing the famous “Ah fresh meat!” squall in my head.

As I grew up I then spent many an afternoon playing Diablo 2, collecting runes, trading with other players, Baal runs – I have such nostalgia for this game. I was very much looking forward to Diablo 2 Resurrected, though I haven’t purchased this yet. I am conflicted now as to whether or not I wish to purchase this game. I think if pushed I would rather the money stayed in my bank account, rather than lining the pockets of those who enabled such appalling behaviour for such a long period of time.

Blizzard/Activision Games Will No Longer Feature On My Twitch Channel

Diablo games still play a big part in my life, I have streamed them multiple times on my Twitch account, this will no longer be the case, I will no longer stream anything related to Blizzard/Activision on my channel.

The revelations that have come out in the last day have torn me apart, my favourite gaming company is being taken to court with some truly horrendous charges. The culture of sexism, harassment & abuse that exists at this company is truly abhorrent. I cannot find a way to justify sharing my passion for these games with my audience any longer. In fact, my passion for these games is beginning to wain as we all learn that they were developed in such a disgusting environment.

Activision Cube Crawls

Activision Sexism

Activision Suicide

I run this website mainly as an avenue to share my thoughts about all things in the gaming sphere and share the occasional overly excited review. I never thought I would use it discuss such a dark topic. I hope it is the last time.

I hope that justice can be served and those responsible will be dealt with with the full force of the law. We cannot stand by and let these practices continue. We must collectively take a stand against these companies, we must vote with our feet & wallets, only then can real change be implemented. Even those who consider themselves big fans of the franchises that Blizzard/Activision produce (including myself) must now take a stand.

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