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Published June 1, 2019

Unravel this adventure with a friend, 2!Unravel 2 Main Logo

Welcome to the whimsical world of Unravel 2. In this world you explore many varied environments and solve fun, engaging puzzles as a pair of cute always-connected Yarny’s.

The game is split into 7 levels. Each level contains different challenges for you to overcome. These vary from lava pools to escaping the grasps of a terrifying enemy (terrifying if you are a little character made from wool). To traverse these challenges, the game gives you several abilities which enable to use the wool connection to your advantage.

Unravel 2 Puzzle-Bridge

For example, if you need to cross a large gap, you can bring out your Donkey Kong Country skills, make a lasso and swing across. There are also occasions where you will need to build a bridge. Once you’ve tied your rope to either end, the bridge becomes taught such that you can bounce on it to reach new heights.Unravel 2 Fire Puzzle You can also twine the two Yarny’s together and move as one.

In each of the 7 levels, there is a backstory taking place, literally in the background. As you traverse each level you can see two young children trying to escape the grasps of two nasty-looking adults. Sometimes your actions with the Yarny’s will either help the children or hinder the chasers. This is a nice addition to the game which fills you with pride when you help out and intrigue, wondering what happened to the children.

Unravel 2 Personality

Plentiful Puzzles & Crammed with Character

Unravel 2 is filled with fun little features. Such a creative design that feels so realistic and tangible. The two Yarny’s have oodles of personality and character. At the end of each level, you are greeted to a cut scene where you see the two characters interact in such a friendly and energetic way that you can’t help but smile.

Unravel 2 Large Yarny's

In addition to the 7 story levels, there are 20 smaller bonus levels, some of which are very challenging. There are also numerous collectables and medals to try and obtain. The base for the game is a place called The Lighthouse. Some of the collectables you can find are puzzle pieces for the pictures which can be found around the Lighthouse. These pictures tell their own story for you to uncover.

Unravel 2 Lighthouse Bird Puzzle

The standard Yarny’s are red and blue. The game provides plenty of options to change the appearance, however. Straight out of the box, the game gives you several different colour choices. If you then complete the bonus levels, you can unlock different heads, bodies and eyes. With this in mind, you can create any style of Yarny you want.

Plenty of challenge to be found

Unravel 2 has a great deal of character. It is a very enjoyable game. The challenge level of the main game isn’t very high. However as previously stated if you fancy a challenge you can attempt to 100% the game by completing the bonus levels and finding all the collectables. There are also further challenges for completing the 7 main levels within a certain time period.Unravel 2 Cut scene Snap

Our only wish with the game is that the game was slightly longer. We had such fun playing it, all we wanted when we came to the end was more of the same!

Unravel 2 – Conclusion

To conclude, Unravel 2 is a brilliant little game, We do wish it was longer, however it is fairly priced when you take the length into account. As well as an enjoyable singleplayer experience, you can have so much fun when playing with a friend in couch co-op. If you had a child who you wanted to introduce to the Switch, this would be a perfect game to play together. That’s not to say that the game is for children, there is certainly some challenge to find if you seek it.

Unravel 2, certainly is a Front Page Favourite.

Review Score of 9


  1. Beau Beau

    I watched my brother and nephew play this on Xbox One. It looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Rickie Rickie

    I’d love to play this with my daughter.

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