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Published February 12, 2019

Reviews still have scores?

Please read the below article explaining what each of our review scores means to you. Hopefully they will help you decide whether or not to go out and buy the game.

0 – Self explanatory, absolutely don’t buy this game.

0 Review Score Rating

1 – Only slightly better than a zero, still don’t buy it

Review Score of 1

2 – Has more merit than 1, still not worth it

Review Score of 2

3 – Still a terrible game

Review Score of 3

4 – Last of the definitely¬†don’t buy category¬†

Review Score of 4

5 – Not a great game, only buy in an emergency

Review Score of 5

6 – Could be worth your money, has some good features

Review Score of 6

7 – A good game, worthy of your money

Review Score of 7

8 – Very good game, buy it and enjoy it

Review Score of 8

9 – Excellent Game, a Front Page Favourite

Review Score of 9

10 РGame Of The Year contender, simply stupendous game

Review Score of 10

Unlike other review outlets, we have no plans to ditch review scores. We feel they give the review real meaning and gives the reader an easy way to compare different titles. Enjoy!

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