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Published February 14, 2019

Super Mario Maker 2! New* Zelda! Disney Tsum Tsum…

Nintendo Direct Logo

So we’ve finally had the first Nintendo Direct of the year. What a direct it was! Whilst there were some noticeable omissions, namely Metroid Prime Trilogy and a Nintendo Switch Online update, the direct was cram packed. It was nearly 40 minutes of non stop switch games.

Non stop Switch games that is, for the first time in many years, there was no mention at all of and upcoming 3DS titles or updates. This perhaps is Nintendo finally saying goodbye to the faithful little handheld.

Enough of that I hear you say, on to the games! Starting off we were treated to the joys of Super Mario Maker 2! This time it features actual slopes as well as whole bunch of new features and toys to play with. It will launch in June of this year and personally I am very excited.

Super Mario Maker 2

A brand new BoxBoy game is coming to Nintendo Switch. This time you can have two players playing at the same time. Once you complete the game you can also play as Qudy, the tall one. It features 270 stages which is the highest number yet and will launch on April 26th.

There are a couple of updates to existing games coming. First up is Super Smash Bros Ultimate, with version 3.0 coming soon. Not many details have been released for it yet. They have said however that the first paid DLC character will release before this update does in April.

 Next up getting some update love is Captain Toad. The new update which launches today will allow you to play the game in coop. They also announced paid DLC coming in the form of a special episode. This will feature new challenges and levels and launches March 14th. Not long to wait!

How to play your Dragon(Quest)

 Dragon Quest builders 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch. This time as well a bunch of new features, a new story mode and characters, the game features coop play. Up to three people either online or on your couch can play together to create your own world. It launches on July 12th, so there’s still time to pick up and play the first one if you haven’t yet (me).

Dragon Quest Builders 2

We were treated to more Dragon-y goodness with DragonQuest 11 Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition. This game looks absolutely cram packed. It has all the good stuff, including random encounters and turn based battles as well as horse racing (because why not). You can also change the graphical style between HD and 8bit. I will be looking forward to breaking my DragonQuest virginity when this game launches this Autumn (Fall).

Disney Tsum Tsum!! Erm so this is a thing, it looks fun the younger audience, presumably…

Starlink Battle for Atlas is also receiving an exclusive Nintendo Switch Update with new missions centred around Star Fox and Wolf. This comes out in April.

Square Enix on Switch, surely not?

Oninaki is a brand new Square Enix game coming to Switch (probably like their first game on the system right?). Unlike I am Setsuna & Lost Sphear this game is not played from a top down point of view. The game centres around lost souls which you collect from killing enemies and you can use them to grant you extra skills. It looks stunning, very much looking forward to it. Release date 2019

We were also treated to some more details about Yoshi’s crafted world. You can use coins to buy costumes, these give you slight protection against enemies. There are over 180 costumes in the game. A demo of the first level is also now available on the Switch eShop. Launches March 29th

We got a whole host of details about Fire Emblem, so much that for the sake of brevity it will be included in another article. For now I will say that it looks very good and launches on July 26th, so the rumoured delay wasn’t as bad as expected after all.

The makers of Undertale are giving (free) us a new game on the 28th of Feb, Deltarune Chapter One is coming to Switch. Future chapters won’t be free.

A whole host of other games

A proper racing sim is finally headed to the Switch! GRID Autosport made by Codemasters (good racing game pedigree) is arriving this Summer. It features over 100 cars and 100 tracks, from street circuits to proper race tracks. I am looking forward to this, finger crossed it runs well.

Unravel 2 was a very nice surprise. Considering the first one completely missed the Switch for no apparently reason, other than EA being EA. The game features the same woolly goodness as the first one and launches on March 22nd.

Unravel 2

Something that wasn’t a surprise was Assassins Creed 3 Remastered coming May 21st. It will feature motion aiming and touch input, nice.

Final Fantasy release dates

We got a release for both Final Fantasy 7 & 9. Seven is coming very soon on March the 26th whilst FF9 is out now. Also a nice surprise

We heard some details of a new IP by Platinum game called Astral Chain, this looks quite fun. It will release on the 30th of August. Nintendo also spoke about Bayonetta 3, but nothing more than to say that it’s still in development.

Last but not least we got the 2019 Zelda we’ve all been waiting for? A 3D-ish remake of the 1993 classic Zelda’s Awakening from Gameboy. This looks like it is using the same engine as a Link Between Worlds. I am looking forward to it, but not massively, I feel this like this is strange place to go for the next Zelda game after the masterpiece that was BOTW.

Zelda Links Awakening

What do you think about the direct? What did you enjoy most? – Let us know in the comments section below.


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